My dad

I’m absolutely gutted my dad passed away yesterday and I was the last to no nobody could get hold of me apparently when everyone knew my number, I didn’t even get to speak to him before he died, and on top of that it’s my mums 1 year anniversary on friday

Hi KittyKat, I’m so sorry about the death of your Dad, you must be devastated, and not being kept informed makes the whole situation worse, I’m sure your Dad will have known that you loved him, but even so, I know you would have preferred to have that last conversation with him, I hope going forward that you can peace with the rest of the family, you all need support at this time, sending love Jude x

Thank u for Yr kind words x

I am devasted and on top off that my dad didn’t want a service just a cremation half Mt family don’t talk to me and aswell as that my partner is hiding things