My dad

I lost my dad four months ago. But what makes it really hard for me is he died on my youngest’s second birthday. So celebrating my youngest’s birthday while grieving was difficult. He was seventy two. He died of a heart attack due to him having COPD. He’d already been diagnosed with bowel cancer. He got through that. Then it was lung cancer but was told there was nothing they could do for him as it was inside his lungs. Then angina and COPD. He was everything to me, even though he wasn’t my biological dad. He was one the person I’d go to for advice. He was the one person I went too if I needed someone to listen and now I feel like I have no one. I’m angry at my sister because she allowed my ex to be at his funeral. I hated the thought of him seeing me at my most vulnerable. I was also angry at the fact a sibling of.mime that I don’t speak about for personal reasons turned up to but another of my siblings wasn’t allowed anywhere near. I am angry that I wasn’t allowed any input towards my dad’s funeral. The only thing I got to pick out was a necklace to put my dad’s ashes in


I lost my dad to ipf (ideopathic pulmonary fibrosis) last august at age 55. I had similar in regard to funeral. People who should have been there wernt and people he didnt want there were. I feel quite alone even though im not. Here to chat of you ever need it :blush:


Thank you :relaxed: I feel so alone too. I understand my family have their own ways of grieving but it’s like they’re trying to turn everyone’s grief into a competition :roll_eyes:

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Omg mine is exactly the same. Especially my mother. All she says is butbhe was my husband. What use is that. I kust find it so hard to talk to people that dont understand. Im so glad i found this page… :blush:

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I didn’t find it but I’m glad I was told about it by someone through Cruse. I’ve been struggling so much. My mum hardly wants to talk about him unless I bring dad up. My mum, my sister and my little brother were all there when dad died. I wasn’t. I was across town. I feel guilty that I wasn’t there. My sister and my little brother performed CPR on my dad. But every time I try to say how hard it is for me losing my dad on the same day my son turned two, they’re like ‘yeah but it’s harder for us because we were there and we were trying to save dad’. I get that. But it would help me if they could acknowledge how hard it was for me losing my dad on my son’s birthday.

Oh i completely can imagine. How aweful that must be a great day in your life now has an afwul meaning for you. My inbox os very open of you would like to send a chat. Its open 24/7 i could really use a ear to talk to xx

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I lost my dad on Wednesday 1st Feb so only been a couple of days but i am struggling to accept that hes gone .
I have amazing support with my family but its so hard to express how I feel when they are going through their own grief
I want to support my mum with what happens next but where do you start ?
I can be relatively ok 1 minute and then this overwhelming wave of sadness hits
Everyone says that times a great healer and I really hope thats proven to be true

I’m right there with you. On Monday I turn 27. My mum gave me my gifts and card early. I opened my card last night and my heart broke all over again when I saw only ‘lots of love mum’ at the bottom of the card. I went out for a few drinks and meal with my brother and his girlfriend because I don’t feel like celebrating my birthday without him