My dad

My dad was unwell I took him to his gp around 8 times in total and they said he was fine and had constipation I was not convinced then eventually he gets referred to a n e and the suspect gall stones only to have a blood test come back concerning and he was never released from hospital and spent the last 3 weeks of his life in hospital as he got told he had liver cancer and passed away even though doctors was saying they couldn’t tell us if he was going to die and we was in hope of him coming home to end of life care how as it gone from everything is fine to my father being dead in a matter of 3 weeks to top it of he was in hospital in2019 with abdominal pain but discharged I feel he’s been let down by nhs he was on a ward and moved to a private room 10 minutes before death and during them moving him the hit his bed of the door all he was asking for was to go home so he could see his grandchildren but nurses was saying yes as soon as they removed the drain but that never got removed all he kept asking for was to go home to jos comfort but he died in the hospital

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Dear Ness123

I felt your pain through the sadness in your words and the description of you and your dear Dad’s experiences of the NHS. Like you. my Mum was badly let down by the NHS and she didn’t even get end of life care despite being 99 and weighing 4 stones. So I know how angry you are feeling about the list of inadequate care your poor Dad had to suffer. The NHS can do wonderful things but they don’t get everything right. Now he is at peace, he passed knowing how much you loved him and that you’ll always love him. Hard as I know it is, please try to put out of your mind your anger and disbelief at the failings of the NHS or it will eat away at you and you could make yourself ill. I had to push my anger at the way my mother was treated out of my mind as I knew if I didn’t it would break me. Concentrate now on grieving for your Dad and healing yourself. Let the tears flow when they come. Tears are there for a reason so fully embrace them. As each day passes you’ll get a teeny, tiny bit stronger. You won’t notice that you’re getting stronger but please believe me, it will happen. Sending love, hugs and thinking of you. x