My dad

My dad was found dead on Thursday two days before his birthday, I don’t no what happened to him as yet likely to be as a result of his diabetes I just can’t believe he has gone I’m heart broken he should be at work like he usually was and I shouldn’t be having to think about all these awful things I have to do I just want my dad back

So sorry to hear that weasel. My mum also died suddenly even though she had been poorly…my mum had been given the all clear…its a awful shock and even now 4 months down the line I still can’t believe it. Its not fair it’s still very raw for you. Hope you are getting lots of support… I’m thinking of you x

Thank you he had only had a sickness bug I find out Wednesday what happened and when I want to no but I don’t if you no what I mean, I’m sorry for your loss to and thank you for your message x