My dad

So yesterday i spent the whole day with my dad, he was awake loads, we managed to wash his hair using one of the shampoo caps, was so funny, then he asked me to make him my mum and i a cuppa, we sat and just talked, he cried, i cried, he apologised for being ill which broke my heart, i hugged him told him i loved him all of the world and went home. Mum has night care atm which is a god send, im having a day at hime today, but feel so guilty, im also off work for a bit just so i can take in our new life…the nurse said dad has weeks left…so trying to have happy days as much as possible.


Thanks for sharing this with us, @Clarzie78. Your dad sounds like a lovely man :blue_heart:

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You are doing everything you possibly can, and the best for your Dad which means the most to him. Take this time to tell him how much you love him, reassure him that you’ll be okay so he doesn’t feel worried about you or your Mum. Main thing is to make sure he is as comfortable and pain free as much as you can. I lost my Dad last week. Even though you know it’s coming it’s impossible to prepare yourself. It’s hard seeing the person you love with all your heart deteriorate and you feel helpless. All you can do is give them your love. Know what you’re going through, xx

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@Bells hi, thanks for the reply, i was actually lucky enough to do exactly what you said, unfortunately we lost dad 2 weeks ago, its been awful tonsee him just waste away to just a skeleton, screaming with pain, things i can never unsee. I just have this massive hole in my heart now, its only been 2 weeks since he died but it feels like a life time. :broken_heart:

Im so sorry for your loss, this site seems really helpful, also feel free to contact me if you need to talk…sending kind thoughts to you :blush:

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