My dad

I would like someone to speak to about the loss of a parent. Im struggling in many ways. Advice will be helpful i hope.


@Dan89 You’ve come to the right place, there are lots of posters on here who’ve lost Dads this year, me included. My Dad died in hospital in March & time has passed both quickly & slowly. Days are a mix of sort of coping, not coping & wtf. You can talk on here freely about anything & others will jump in with their thoughts/support/advice etc.

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Hi @Dan89. I am so sorry for your loss. There are so many of us who are all going through this and it really helps to chat on here and get any emotions at all out, in a safe space.
I lost my mum very unexpectedly 3 weeks ago today. The funeral is tomorrow.
I have learned quickly that there are no patterns to the peaks and troughs of the sadness. I have found that if I am feeling very low, it helps to chat on here because people understand.
It is so hard to come to terms with.
If one of us is very low, there are others who may be in a stronger place in that moment to offer support or some, just feeling the same as you and you know you’re not alone. Sending hugs x

I too lost my dad this year to pancreatic cancer. The rollercoaster ride of grief can change each day. Sharing with others on this forum makes me realise that some days its ok not to be ok.

Hi, i lost my dad in the 29th October, lost his fight :sob: after 2 years of treatment and infections due to basal tongue cancer. It was devastating watching someone with a passion for food wither away a burly man to a shadow of himself… he lived in France so made it hard to spend as much time with him after not speaking for 20 years :sob: I would stay for up to 4 weeks at a time and make sure we found our bond again. He lost his wife last August and he was heartbroken :broken_heart: . I don’t know how to feel and none of my sisters really want to talk about how we move forward. My husband works away a lot and was unable to support me over the period of my dad’s hospitalisation through to his funeral. My children were with me, I should see that as a blessing. I’m so up and down but not depressed. It feels like a rollercoaster ride. I miss him and can’t believe he is gone so soon, life sucks :sob: on top of all of this I lost my fur baby in August and work colleagues at different companies have taken their own lives…. It’s just too much, my brain is constantly whirring. I’m not sleeping properly either. Dad was scammed by financial traders and we have been told to report it to the French authorities but my French siblings don’t seem to be that interested, makes me angry :rage: you can’t write it, I just want a break from everything but work full time with no annual leave until January and then we still have to get an appointment with the notary and let them know what has happened before it’s too late and a random scammer takes everything from us.
I don’t how much strength I have left at the moment :woman_shrugging:


Hi @Dan89 i lost my Dad suddenly in July . Im heartbroken. I’m here if you need to talk . It’s a dreadful lonely experience . Lots of us here understand what you are going through x


I lost my dad suddenly 18days ago. I’ve never experienced pain like it. He was 75, the final hours before him passing are all I keep going over night after night. I feel your pain, the absolute enormity of it all, the heartbreak and the uncertainty of life without my dad. I’m here for the sake reasons…. The waves keep hitting me, over and over!!


I feel your pain… it’s hard to know how to feel but today has been my worst day, How do we move on? I am
Waiting for some counselling and don’t know what to expect from that, or even if they can help me. It’s a difficult time for all of us and it’s nice to know we are all going through the same emotions and have support on here…Stay strong x

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We lost our dads on the same day :broken_heart: I’m actually getting some comfort knowing others ‘Get it’ because I’ve never got it in the past when others have lost a parent. I’ve just empathised knowing what loss felt like, by the loss of a parent is a completely different experience and the emotions are sometimes crippling. Be kind to yourself xx


Lost my dad recently. I’m also struggling, the pain is awful. Came to this forum for the same reason as you did and there are so many kind people here that understand how you feel. And I do, too. I understand. :heart:


Hi Ulma,

I came on here at the recommendation of my bereavement counsellor, she said that it helps to understand that I m not alone and so many people are going through the same thing as I am. I have lost 2 work colleagues to suicide and dad all within the last 4 weeks, last year I lost my step mum suddenly as well. Didn’t really grieve for her as we weren’t that close but it’s now become a trigger as my dad deteriorated since she passed. Life sucks! If you need to talk I am always about in the evenings. I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster ride, good days, bad days. I’ve also gone through major surgery in February and it’s put me into surgical menopause which in itself has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Then my husband and I have decided to have a break as my head is all over the place and he need to get himself back on track and I don’t feel able to support him as selfish as it sounds. Miss my dad so much, miss the messages from him on FB messenger, he couldn’t talk due to the cancer :cry: and when he could you could tell it was painful :cry: he passed within 4/5 days of being admitted to hospital for major chest infection… last time I spoke to home was 21st October. I still send him messages but I know he won’t ever read them :sob: we used to talk about a wide range of topics but mainly his love of art and music. I’ve been told things will get better but that the grieving may never go away, stay strong…. Here if you need a chat x

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