My Dad

Really struggling at the moment and need to speak to people going through/feeling the same - I lost my dad in September from cancer - previously I lost my mum 10 years earlier also cancer - I just don’t feel I have a purpose or know which way forward I just feel like I want to run and hide and be on my own and genuinely fell like no one close to me understands - will these feelings get any better - the only way I can describe it is that I feel broken
Any help really appreciated


From one broken to another, I wish I had advice for you but I can only sympathise wholeheartedly. :heart: I too have lost both my parents, dad just a few weeks ago, and I stumble forward without purpose as well.

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I lost my dad and sister and mom was too late in trying to save him last year 4 days after Christmas sudden heart attack that took him immediately as nothing ambulance service could do, I’ve tried various things to cope and found a love of music memories has helped somewhat. I then lost my dog weeks after, so have turned where she used to sleep into my get away space, music on and memories in photos and the music has sort of helped soothe inner pain. I know that it’s different for everyone with memories of loved ones, just think of what they bought into your life and how you can remember them in your own way, whether it’s films, music, sports etc then put the memories into a space in your home to go to even if it’s in the corner of a room. Don’t know if this’ll help as kind of has helped me.

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