My daddy - just lost him

My father died this afternoon, he had dementia for a few years caused by TIA attacks slowly making him go down and down until he had the final fall in the kitchen which lead to head injury and a brain bleed which was inoperative and lead to seizures plus a bad neck injury and the pain was just to much as well as the effects of the brain trauma
I am raw tbh, I physically hurt all over. The pain comes in waves and I’m looking after my mum as well. I havnt even processed the fact that he is gone yet, i know he’s gone but my brain refuses to accept it
We live in wales but moved here in 2016 my daddy was a Kent man born and bred, but we want to take him home to the place of his birth, the problem is how do I arrange this?? Where do I start I need help

Hi luckyladie,

I’m sorry to hear about your dad. It was only this afternoon and you will still be in shock.
My mum died suddenly on the 14th june and I am still somewhat in shock. Sometimes I still cant believe it. She was so happy and active but on the 2nd june she was behaving a bit strange. We took her to hospital where we were told she had suffered a TIA. She was discharged 5 days later but went onto have a massive brain bleed 11 days later and died on the 14th.
We live in kent as well.
In terms of your dad returning to kent, do you want him buried here or his ashes brought here?
I would have thought the funeral director you choose will be able to do the service from a kent cemetery or church. Or if it’s his ashes, you can bring them to kent and scatter or bury them in a memorial garden or crematorium that you choose.
It wont be difficult. Thinking of you in the coming days x

I think we would like the service and cremation in Kent i just don’t know where to start tbh he was born in Kent and we feel it’s only right we take him home; we are in such pain at the moment but I want everything perfect for his funeral as it’s the last thing I can do for him x

I would start by calling a couple of funeral directors and telling them what you want to see how it would work. It cant be difficult, my friend repatriated her dad to italy from london and held the service and burial there. I just dont know if you would use a local firm or one in kent. We used an independent funeral director in kent rather than one of the top names.