My darling wife

Lost my beautiful wife to cancer just over a month ago now. Just feel so lost without her we had been together for 40years and I hate my new single life .
I’m normally quite a positive person but this has knocked me for six whatever I do just seems pointless. Never cried so much in my life can’t sleep properly and on top of that I know she’s never coming back :sob:


It is hard, I lost my husband about 3 months ago and still hate being alone and cry every day. I just let myself cry if I feel I need to as I believe it’s better/healthier than bottling it up. The worst thing I found recently is, as you said, realising that they’re never coming back.


I lost my gorgeous fantastic wife sue to pancreatic cancer which had spread to her lungs and liver on the first of February this year. So i can understand where you are coming from. We were together for 22 years married 7years but i really don’t like this new life without sue .cant get to sleep until after hurts to no sue is never going to come back


@Mccormack1966 sorry for your loss. I lost my husband 8 weeks ago also to cancer. The tears & the loneliness are awful. Hang in there. We are all on this awful journey & hopefully sharing with others on here helps a little

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Its a hard thing to come to terms with, I lost my wife (Melissa)in January and its still very raw, painful, she was a wonderful person and we lived in each others pockets, we was together 25 years but still very young (she was 44 and im 43). im told it gets easier over time. im so sorry