My daughter died age 6, the second year is harder.

I lost my beautiful leila in July 2018. Its coming up 2 years and the second year is so much harder and I don’t know why. I thought it got easier. Is the 3rd year easier?
I was tidying up earlier and decided stupidly to open the big box with her toys in to see if there were any my 19 week old daughter would benefit from (Leila had disabilities so loved baby sensory toys) anyway it set me back and I couldn’t stop crying. I feel so empty all over again. I’d buried it all and now it’s hit me smack bang on the head again.

I hate this
I want her back…

I don’t know how to carry on

I am so sorry you lost your darling little girl you must be devastated…you are right the second year is so much harder then the first year where you are in shock and disbelief, where as in the second year reality and the enormity of everything hits you hard…but your little girl will always be with you…You will have happy times and you have Leila’s little sister to help you…
Much love to all of you xxx

Thankyou so much. I know there is no magic cure or remedy. I’m just really struggling. Xx

Hi, I don’t have children so can only begun to imagine your pain.
I agree the 2nd year has been hell for me. Like you i just desperately want my loved one back. How to carry on I just don’t know. Every day brings it’s own sadness of what should have been and what is.
I hope you can find some meaning in your life and a reason to carry on living . I am struggling so much at the moment and it sounds as if you are as well.
Wishing you well, Sadme

I’m so sorry to hear about your little girl. I lost my son in July 2018 so I understand how you are feeling. I to find this year more difficult. I think the reality of it is sinking in. The shock has worn off. I can’t believe I won’t see him again or hear his voice. I ask myself how will I get through this and the answer is by continuing as we have been. Each new day will dawn wether we want it to or not. I think we have to accept life for us will never be the same again. We have to stop looking for the person we were and the life we had. We must slowly build a different life for ourselves and our family. I think it’s when we start to do this that it’s gets a bit easier. Take strength from this site. And remember your little girl needs you. And she needs you to tell her all about her sister. Love :tulip:

I no the feeling,my daughter was 12,she died in 2011,not one day goes by with out me wanting her back,its so cruel. Xxxx

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