My daughter is end of life

My eldest daughter is 43 years old. She is a nurse and mother of two and is happily married. 11 weeks ago our lives were shattered when we found out she had terminal cancer. We were told it was operable at first then things progressed and we were told only palliative chemotherapy was available with a six to 12 month time period. This quickly changed to two weeks to 12 weeks. She is now in a hospice with days to live. We are shell shocked, scared and emotionally exhausted. Basically we don’t know what to do or how we can get through this


So utterly sorry to hear about your daughter. Life is so cruel. I have no words to tell you what you can do… apart from be there for her at every available moment you have. Big hugs. xx

So sorry - that’s incredibly young to have terminal cancer.
Wishing you all the strength you need during this dark time😞

So sorry, life is so cruel, Try to be strong for your granddaughters and son - in-law

Sorry I meant Grandchildren

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That is so incredibly sad. It must be so hard for you.
I’m not surprised that you are shocked.
Sending love

I’m so sorry to hear this. My husband is the same age with terminal cancer and we also have two kids. Cancer is pure evil. When it’s your child going through this the trauma must be on a whole other level so I probably shouldn’t compare.
So much love and strength to you. Xxx


I am so sorry to see your husband is in the same horrible situation. It’s different experiences for everyone. If you are like my son in law he will lose his best friend and partner of 18 years. It’s a scary situation to be in. I really feel for you and your children. This pain we feel is almost unbearable.


I am so sorry to hear your heart breaking news.there are no words l can say to ease your pain.but stay strong for your daughter & grand children & just live in the moment.Sending you love & light XX