My daughter passed aged 4 from a brain tumour

I’m 15 months into this very hard journey of grief. I am really struggling

My beautiful daughter was only 4 when she passed. She had a very rare form of brain tumour.

I can’t sleep, if I do I wake up with nightmares. Nightmares of her passing. I’ve tried counselling, but it doesn’t help. I’m on antidepressants.

But, I just feel totally lost and alone. My husband doesn’t understand. He says I have to remember the good time and stay positive. But, I can’t. I just want her back.

What can I do?


I’m so very sorry. :heart: If the counselling that hasn’t worked was talk therapy it might be worth trying a more trauma based approach, as you have nightmares too. So that’s my suggestion, to find a counsellor who knows how to deal with trauma. Because for many of us, losing someone we love so dearly is a traumatic event. Take care and I hope you find your way. :people_hugging:

Losing a child is suffocating. No one, not doctors, not family, not friends, not counsellors can fully understand the pain of losing a child.
I lost mine to a brain tumour too, 6 months ago.
I am so sorry you feel alone and unsupported but I think grief as intense as this cannot be shared or eased by anyone other than those who are going through it with you, the people sharing their pain on these pages.
Please write your feelings and emotions here, there is always understanding and support.
We can’t give you back your daughter but knowing others are going through the same sorrow, anguish, pain and despair feels less isolating.
There are organisations that can put you in contact with others who have lost their children, sometimes it helps to meet others who share your grief.

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