My daughter

It’s just over 5 months since I lost my husband and for the last month or so my daughter has mentioned a couple of times about “ if I meet someone else she would have a problem coming to my house and seeing another man sat in “ my dads chair” and I wouldn’t want another man moving into my dads house that he’s worked all his life for. This has hurt me for a couple of reasons
1 I am not looking for another partner and as I am at the moment have no intentions of doing so .
2 This house belongs to me too my hard earned cash as also made the house what it is today both myself and my husband have always worked while the kids were growing up.
I wonder if she is still going through the grieving process and hitting out like I said I have NEVER mentioned having another partner I can’t have the one I want .
I have mentioned I struggle being alone ( as we all do who are in the same boat as me) maybe that’s where she’s got this idea from

Your daughter is free to choose her relationships and so are you. (I presume she’s an adult. ) if one day you find someone who brings you joy, then don’t let anyone stand in your way.
What you do is up to you! I’d ignore what your daughter is saying, unless she keeps on.


My husband left his half of the house to my grandchildren as he did not have a good relationship with one of my daughters. He was their stepdad and had no children before we married so it was difficult for him. My girls told me they thought it selfish of him to overlook them and my youngest thought I should change the will which I never would. Ron lived in our home for several years before we met and married so I respect his decision. I think maybe your daughter is thinking to the future and may be afraid that if you met anyone else she would be left out. Kids today think in advance but when I was younger we accepted what we got. I wish you a future that is happy again one day and just re assure your daughter that she will never come second