My daughter

My daughter age 23 was 5 month pregnant she passed away at her home with her boyfriend, the coroner still investigating. I though he was looking after her I though he was taking care of her which now is a lie. I have been told at any point he could of got her help from paramedics by the time he called them she had passed away. I didn’t know she was ill and hadn’t eaten everytime I message her she would say I’m fine,im OK I never said goodbye I never identified her body which after being able to see her after her being in mortuary was a shock I refused to believe it was her I said this I not my cait. Its not. And I talk to her we listen to music like we used to do what next? I’m struggling with she will never be here

Hello, I am so sorry about your daughter and her baby. I can truly understand your feelings for what’s happened but I also know my words won’t stop your heart ache or your sorrow. Time will help but your love for her will never go away. I can only assume that her boyfriend is young and has little idea, it won’t help but may explain why things went so horribly wrong.
We Mother’s are always trying to protect our children, no matter what their age is and when we are not there, we still take on that role of mother protected. Give yourself time, you need to heal and self healing is slow. She will always be there, part of you and talking together is something a lot of us do, I know I talk to my husband all the time and sometimes I hear him telling me things. Be kind to yourself and take care. Bless you xxx