My daughter

Hi my name is Colin my daughter was killed 10 months ago she was 14 by a speeding car I am struggling like mad I just can’t see a future without her can anyone give me advice on wat I can do I just want my princess back

Hi Colin
I am so so sorry you ve lost your daughter, I too lost my beautiful 30 year old daughter 31 weeks ago today , every single day is a struggle and the pain is unbearable , the advice I have been given is to take one day at a time , if that is too much one hour or a minute at a time , that’s all we can do to get through this nightmare we are living , I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful but I totally understand what you are going through , I get comfort from the forums knowing I am not alone on this terrible journey , I wish I could turn back the clock and we could have our children back where they belong , with their family , this is a cruel unfair world we live in and I ve had enough
Sending a big hug

Aww sending my love to you god bless it’s so unfair I really appreciate you replying it means so much do u have any other forums etc

The Compassionate Friends have a web site and a forum , they also have a Facebook page called Loss of a child The Compassionate Friends UK , I have found them all to be very helpful
I hope today is being a little kinder to you
Take care
Sending love