My daughter

Hello, my daughter passed away just over 2 years ago. I miss her so much every day but today is her birthday and it’s just so painful :broken_heart:


Hi, it’s a lonely path we walk as parents who have lost a child. I don’t think I will ever come to terms with the loss of my son, our children were not supposed to go before us. I’m certainly not the woman I was before I lost my son, that woman no longer exists. I send you much love through the airwaves xx


Hi Sid 17,my son passed in March 2017,he was 35, his birthday is tomorrow! God, I miss him so very much! Thinking of you today on your daughters birthday! :heart:

Thank you so much for your comments. My daughter would have been 41 today. I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with it and I know I will never get over it. I hate the person that I have become, I feel that I no longer know how to laugh anymore :broken_heart:

Same here Sid17, I will never get over my sons death! He would have been 42 tomorrow! I hate my life now! Bless your heart, our children were so close in age, just one year apart! Just hope you are ok, I’m dreading tomorrow!

Bless you suesue it’s a very emotional time. I’m sure like me you will get through the day as hard as it is. You will be in my thoughts. Be kind to yourself :heart:

Thankyou so much Sid17! Please stay in contact! Will message you tomorrow!

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My heart goes out to you :sleepy:

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@Suesue my son was 35 when he passed last January. He had a happy future ahead of him but that’s been taken away. My heart is so badly broken.

It’s awful isn’t it? It will be 7 years in March since I lost my son! His bedroom is as he left it, i still have all his clothes and everything! I miss him so very much! Thinking of you Lcc 59! Xx

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Hi Love 108 Thankyou, My heart goes out to you too! It’s horrendous, I hate my life! What’s the point of everything? Xx