My daughter

My daughters funeral was yesterday she was 36 yr old she died on 3rd December 2018 we don’t know why yet? She was all alone and died sitting on the settee? For the first two weeks I just sat there like stone I didn’t eat, sleep or speak !
Her children are 12 and 10 years old, I try not to let my grief over spill when they are around as not to upset them even more but yesterday I was comforted by our 10 yr old grandson and it broke my heart, but we are blessed that we have her children that we can kiss and hug and watch them grow into adulthood like she would have done with a passion.
I look forward to the day I will see her again, I’m sure my dad has taken her in his arms and would say “what the heck are you doing here!” because he thought the world of his first granddaughter.
All I know for sure is we are forever changed
God bless darling girl x

Hi BellPoppy. First of all I send my love thoughts, condolences to you. I am the same age and can’t imagine what your going through. I lost my dad a year ago to cancer. I felt I needed to reply. Take each day as it comes and give love and support to the children. If you need to chat I’m here god bless Maria

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Thank you Maria for your kind words and just taking the time to reply, it’s not easy when we lose somebody we love so much. Your right with one day at a time as no two are the same x

Your more than welcome. If you want to chat I am always here. I find talking about him makes it easier. This sight helps it’s the first time I have replied to a post. If you want totals abou her go ahead what ever will help. Maria x

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Sorry talk about her it my help. I find it helps me x

So sorry for your loss. I lost my daughter in August. She was 36 too. It is such a horrendous shock isn’t it?
We never expected to attend our own child’s funeral. Nothing can prepare us. You clearly have a good relationship with your grandchildren and this is going to be a great comfort to all of you.
In the first couple of months I divided the day into three and made sure I knew what I was doing all the time. It literally is a case of getting through at this stage.
Please be assured you are not alone here so keep posting and reading and I sincerely hope you find some peace and comfort. Xxx

Hi Matella, My condolences to you for the loss of your daughter, no we never expect to arrange a child’s funeral. I didn’t really believe she was gone right up to seeing her I lived in hope it wasn’t her and they’d made a mistake you know?
We do have a close relationship with them for that we are blessed, her daughter looks so much like her even rolls her eyes in the same way!
I will try and do that and get a routine of the basics done, I’m generally a glass half full person much to the annoyance of my daughters, but I find I have just sat another day away .
So thank you just for taking the time to reply,and sending you hugs xx

I am so very sorry that you and Matella have lost your beautiful daughters. Words are so inadequate but please know that you will be in our thoughts and prayers…it is ok just to breathe through each day until you become stronger. God bless both of you and your families x

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