My dear sister

I lost my mentally challenged sister in March of 2020. It was not Covid. She had gotten to where she couldn’t eat and lost over 100 lbs. She couldn’t breath well anymore, either. She was only 61. I live 17 hours away and I rushed to get to her, but I was 2 hours too late. That almost killed me. I hadn’t seen her in 14 years. I have so much regret. I have so many tears that I still cry for her. We talked EVERY day on my way home from work. The first year (at least), I spent that drive home crying. Every weekday. I know people probably thought I was crazy by the looks on my face, but God I miss her so much. She gives me signs that she’s around every now and then. But I feel like when she passed, she took almost all of my emotional heart. I’m so lost without her. I looked after her all of her life since she was mentally handicapped. But in the end, I learned that she looked after me and my soul and my well-being. I’m crying now as I type this. I want more Earthly time with her. Who knows what it will be like in Heaven? Will we know our families? We lost our mother when I was 18 (she was 25) and my daddy died 5 years later from a broken heart. He was lost without our mother to guide him. Dear Lord in Heaven, please please let my family know I love them so and I miss them even more. I can’t wait to see them again. One thing I take consolation in is that when I did get there to see her, ALL of her wrinkles were gone. God took away all of those years of wrinkles she had (she had a lot), but she looked like the little girl I remember when we were kids. God performed a miracle for me with that. Peggy, you will always be in my heart. I miss you so much. - Your brother, “Wisha” as she pronounced my name. <3 “Passed down like folksongs… our love lasts so long…” Taylor Swift


I also have photos of my parents and my sister and I hold them to my heart everyday and tell them I love them. I kiss their photos everyday and hold them to my heart. It’s all I can do.


Every grief is different losing my bro dave has absolutely broken me he lived wiv me for last year of his life and I saw him collapse wiv tons of blood I was so traumatised and I knew he wast cuming back from that I wished I cud av saved him but I didn’t cos I cudnt but cry everyday we was always so close so I really no the pain which is horrendous but u av 2 carry on and cry better out than in luv Jo xxxx

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Awww bless that’s so sweet and painful at the same time.

She’s in a better place in the realm of calm and bliss surrounded by beautiful souls including your parents.

In our religion we believe they cross over and in heaven you will be reunited 100% that’s a promise this separation is only temporary just a short pause that’s all

So sorry for the loss of your sister. So sad. Good that she had you in her life