My dog and nan

IVE lost my dog and nan in close proximity to each other and totally broken

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Hello Joe, I am very sorry about your horrendous story and can fully understand that you will feel devastated. Nans are very special people and when they have to leave us our world collapses and then your beloved dog. I can’t think how I would feel, I have just had to stop writing to you to feed my cat who suddenly released she was hungry. There are many posts on here who have lost a Nan but not sure about a beloved dog. I hope you may find one. Look after yourself. S xx

When I was 14, exactly the same thing happened to me, so I do know how you feel. It is absolute hell, isn’t it? I wasn’t able to concentrate or function for ages, but gradually, my life sorted itself out. Yours will too, I promise.
I am 75 now and I have survived that, and other losses and disappointments. I have never forgotten my Nana or my dog, they were a very important part of my life and I was so lucky to have them, even though they both died before their time.
Stay strong. After every Winter, Spring appears. Life goes on and we go on as well.
Hugs to you. X