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Hi, I unfortunately lost my uncle at age 30 at the very start of the year, 2023 was supposed to be the year that was the best, I turned 18 in march and we had a whole day planned, he was the life of a party always up dancing singing you name it and he was there.
We lost him due to covid that caused a blood clot in his heart, it absolutely broke me finding out what it was that made him leave me, thoughts running through my head, what if we could have got him help, what if he had done a test to find out that he had covid but him being stubborn thinking it was a stupid chest infection.
I struggle with the thought of him actually being gone and not finding his shoes in the middle of the hall way on a random wednesday evening after work breaks me.


Hi @grieving1
Sorry to hear you are struggling with the sad sudden loss of your uncle, & the feeling of “if only he’d done a test” must be a bitter pill to swallow. Sadly sometimes things happen that no-one could have foreseen, & it’s only afterwards that we question the whys & if onlys, fate can be so harsh, but how are we supposed to foresee something, when we don’t know what we’re looking for. I’ve found talking on this forum helps, mostly because we’re all at some stage in grief. Sending hugs of support.


So sad to hear about the sudden loss of your uncle. He was too young to go at 30 years and it must be a shock for you and your family. Im not sure what you were referring to with the shoe. I know that random things have meaning as for me it kind of reminds me of the absense of my loved one. Life can be cruel but also it can be wonderful. We can allow the bad times to pass and change. Sometimes we can see the wonder and simplicity in joys we may have not considered before experiening loss. Sending love to you xxx you sound like a lovely caring person :two_hearts:

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