My family is cursred

I honestly believe my family is cursed every generation from my great grandmother down to me has lost a child .and this year as been the worst every starting new years when my beautiful girl past away then my best friend died at the start of February and now my cousin just a few days go…

It’s tragic isn’t it, it’s makes you wonder about life and how cruel it is. How are you coping?I’m not coping at all, I’m getting worse every day. Feel like shutting myself away. Have you got good support xx

Life is most definitely cruel ive lost my daughter my best friend and cousin all since January. But your are right it does get worst every day I shut off from everyone to dont want see people cant face itt. Im one of the lucky ones got loads of support .how about you have u got any support around you.

Yes I’m the same , don’t want to see anyone as I can’t cope with it. I’ve got a husband and daughter , plus my mum who’s been so comforting. I’m shutting myself away from most people, can’t help it it’s just how I’m feeling. Everyone deals with grief in there own way .my family are not pleased with how I want space of my own

Mine are not best pleased either my partner think I’m pushing him away and daughter think I’m nuts I spent most of yesterday in her room again I know it sounds silly but I feel closer to her in there

Yes I understand, I’m the same as you it whatever you have to to get through the day. If ever you want a chat I’m here. No one knows what it feels like unless you have lost a child do they

Thanks I will and you can contact me anytime xxx

Cuddles… I feel the same way too. My Husband passed away suddenly in 2012 then last year my 14 year son. Im devastated x

I feel your pain I really do . The grief and pain I feel most days it is unbelievable

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