My father and my best friend

Hello all, back in February I lost my father, it was very sudden and I only had a matter of hours from when he was taken I’ll until we lost him, he was also my best friend, he was loved by so many people that it was hard to even find somewhere to stand at his funeral, at the time I was devastated but sort of felt with it, but as time moves on I am finding it harder and harder to deal with and just want him to come back now, my mood is slipping terribly, I have taken some time off work but this can’t go on for long, I feel like I’m losing my grip and am about to fall.

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Hi. I know how you are feeling. I lost my Dad in September. I feel the same as you that I just want my Dad back. He was suffering a lot when he went in to hospital. I fully expected him to come home and not die though. We have created a kind of shrine in the house consisting of the box with my Dad’s ashes in, a candle with my Dad’s name on and two battery powered candles which we put on every day. I find that it helps because I can say hi everyday to him and have somewhere to focus my grief. I hope this helps you too. Feel free to reply back. Sorry for your loss xx

Hi, thank you for your reply, that means a lot, I understand about the shrine, I feel I need to do something similar as sometimes all I want to do is have a chat with him but have nowhere to do it. I know it might sound wrong but it brings me some strange comfort knowing I’m not alone as other people are going through the same thing and are still going on day to day so there must be a reason to.

Yes I totally understand the comfort speaking to others going through the same thing brings. It is hard but supporting each other really does help xx

Hi Sammo, I’m sorry to hear about your dad.
My mum passed in April and she was my best friend and I am totally lost without her. Like you, it was all very quick and I didn’t expect it. I thought she would come out of hospital and be with us for a bit longer but perhaps that was my denial.
It’s her birthday today so I’ve bought her flowers and have been speaking to her. I went to see a medium earlier in the week and she came through, the medium said so much stuff that she wouldn’t have known about my mum so I’ve taken some comfort in that. She also said she knew I had been speaking to her out loud. Your dad is still with you on a spiritual level I’m sure of it.
Its so hard for those left behind, we just have to muddle through day to day until the pain gets a bit lighter. Grief has got to be the worst emotion a human can deal with in life. Sending hugs xx