My first year without Leah

Good evening everyone well on the 26 th Jan my first year without Leah will be here. I can honestly say it has been the most horrendous year of my life and my girls. My little grandson is 4 tomorrow Leah’s little man she was such a devoted mum to him I know he’s so confused about her it’s just heartbreaking .I wonder how I’ve managed to get through this year. I’ve often thought I hope I don’t wake up. I know alot of you will have probably thought the same waking up every morning with the most awful pain in the chest and then sobbing all day I miss her so much it’s gut wrenching I just hope the next year is a bit easier for us all. Rest in peace Leah and Katie I love you both very much look after each other. XX :heart::heart:


Thinking of you today for your grandson’s birthday @Shellyanne :blue_heart:

We’ve just created a support page on How to cope with death anniversaries. You might find it helpful to read as you approach the 1st anniversary of losing Leah. Please do keep reaching out here too - you are not alone.

Well the 1st year without Leah is tomorrow I’m dreading it so much I can’t settle tonight atall I broke down at work today but they all understand how I’m struggling I don’t know what to do with myself I’m so tired and drained I just hope it gets a bit easier shellyanne xx

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