My girl

I lost my beautiful daughter Becky aged 23 on the 30-12-2013. My life will never be the same again. Can not explain the pain that I feel. I miss her every day. Ache to see her talk to her and touch her one last time. I would give anything for this. Nobody knows how i feel and I don’t blame them she was my child my daughter my baby. Doesn’t matter how old your child she will always be my baby

Oh My Dear michellec. The pain! We all know on here. We do, God don’t we just! Everyone feels the pain differently of course, but it all comes down to this awful process called grief, which is a common denominator with us all. I feel sad and so sorry at what you are going through. But no clichés or platitudes here. It’s far too deep for words. Try and keep posting. There are so many wise and loving souls on this site. It’s been a godsend to me and I find so much consolation to know that we are all here in the same situation. As YL says, it’s a club we don’t want to join, but, what a blessing it is.
Now take care. Day by day even hour by hour at first. Grief can’t be rushed.
Bless you and if I may, a hug.

Hi Jonathan 123. Thank you for your kind words. I just can’t help but feel that I am surrounded by loving family but feel so alone. It is nobody’s fault (family and friends) as I know they loved her and have grieved themselves but there is no love matching a parents love. I just crave for her every minute of the day. They don’t feel like I do and can’t feel the intensity of my grief. My girl had so much to look forward to and it was snatched away from her. She so much wanted children and to get married and I feel so much sorrow for her that she has been cheated of this. The guilt I feel that I couldnt protect her is eating me away. I should of done more. I am so glad for this site as I havnt found anyone that has lost a child and understands the pain. People have said kind words and showed true sympathy but I know they don’t understand

Michelle I do truly feel for you. This is the most dreadful loss isn’t it? I get what you say about your precious daughter’s future.
It is 10 months since I lost my daughter and she was to have an engagement celebration the next day. Sadly it never happened.
My thoughts are that I have to accept this dreadful sadness for ever, so be it, but for her I cannot get by the loss of her future. That is so unfair and what’s more as parents we are unable to fix it for them.
I’m sure you did everything you could for your child, as I think I did. Again, we can’t fix everything.
Keep posting and reading. It helps.

Thank you Matella. I’m so sorry for your loss. The thought their life just stopping and everything they are missing out on small or big just breaks my heart. I take it your daughter is older like mine. Becky was 23 and would be 28 now. So sorry your daughters happiness ended when like mine had so much to do and experience. I’m just heartbroken that my daughter didn’t experience all the things she was so looking forward to. I have to stay strong for everyone else. I have 2 brilliant sons who I love so much and also my grandchildren. My husband has been a support but really doesn’t know how I feel as he is my children’s step dad. He has tried his best but as he has said he can’t know how I feel. You just have to keep going but there is no enjoyment for me in everything I do. I can put the mask on every day but actually screaming inside

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