my Grandad

I’m posting on here because I’ve received loads of support on this online community and I’ve found out some bad news that my Grandfather has had a heart attack at home in the UK, and I’m in Italy. I’m quite close to my Grandad and he was my Dad’s Father so I really don’t know what to do at the moment. It’s too expensive for me to go home and I think if I went home, I probably wouldn’t want to come back to Italy and complete my year abroad (which I have to do to complete my degree).

Not entirely sure what to do at the moment and I feel quite alone.

I’m so sorry, what bad news to get while you’re away from home. It sounds like a tricky decision to make, and it must be harder if you have no one close by to talk it over with.

How is your grandad doing? Do you have any more information about his condition at the moment?

I haven’t had any information since being told he is in hospital, unfortunately. I’ve been feeling really anxious, worried and emotional all day & unable to speak with anyone back home yet.

Sorry to hear about your Grandad EmBeth. Hope there’s some improvement.
Will keep him in my prayers.

I hope you get some more information soon. It might help you to make up your mind, both to know a bit more about how he’s doing, but also to talk it through with someone back home.