My heart actually hurts

Hi. Its almost been a year since I lost my mum and I am really struggling with the grief. Everything feels so heavy and I can feel this awful ache in my chest which never goes away now. It honestly feels like my heart is sore. Im on antidepressants and getting counselling but nothing changes the fact that I’ll never see her again. Life is just going on around me but I don’t feel like I care much about it. I am lucky to have a lovely husband and two wonderful kids, so I’m trying to keep going for them but some days I just can’t even do simple tasks. Will this get better?


Darling I have no answers to your questions but I’d like to send you a big virtual hug and tell you you are doing amazing xxx


I am the same way as I lost my mum in March and I just miss her so much. Truthfully I don’t think we will ever heal we will just learn how to deal with it better. Sorry I can’t say much as I’m in the same boat but I find speaking to people that are going through the same things helps a little x


Thank you both for taking the time to reply.

@Jess1 I’m sorry to hear you know what this feeling is like too. It’s just heartbreaking.
@Lesliej thanks so much for your kind words. Just trying to put one foot in front of the other and take things day by day

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It is heartbreaking and is definitely one of the most hardest things I’ve ever had to endure! If you need a chat don’t hesitate to message me :slight_smile:


Hi @Christie11 so sorry for how you’re feeling, grief is very tough. As you say, nothing can change the past and the facts. It’s sad, but the only way is forwards, however difficult it may be. It sounds like you’re trying hard to support yourself through this difficult time. Keep going, try to build in some positive experiences that will eventually help you to feel more in control. I’m still trying to adjust to losing my Mum in January and I know it’s a struggle. Wishing you strength to face the days ahead xx