My heart is broken

My husband died on Monday following a short but hard fought battle with cancer, only 25 days after diagnosis. He died in my arms at home the way he wanted.

We have been together 28 years and now my life has been turned upside down.

I am honoured to have known a love like his. Rest easy my beautiful soul xx


I am truly sorry for your loss @LonelyPanda. You are very brave to come on here so soon. How I remember vividly the searing agony of that first raw grief. My heart goes out to you. Stay with us - read, write, whatever helps. You are not alone, sadly there are many of us here with you. Sending love, strength and understanding. xx


I echo what Kate said
Lots of us hear to listen, encourage and hold you up
Those early days are agony and so lonely as if no one has ever walked that path before
Grief is your own
There are no rules
Take your time and I hope you have good friends to listen and just be there
Love and hugs from us all


Lonely Panda I empathise so much with you. Your journey with your husband from his diagnosis to death and your bereavement was even quicker than ours. My husband died with 64 days of his diagnosis and it was such a cruel and aggressive cancer. I loved him then and nearly a year later I love him more than ever. He really was my soul mate and like you, my heart is broken . I will never get over his death but I have accommodated a different life without him. I say this because you are in the early days of grief and probably wondering how you can live without him. It is and will be hard but you will do it.

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So sad for you, keep posting on here it will help
Take care

I feel so alone.

Chris’ funeral was on 28th October and tomorrow is 4 weeks since he lost his battle.

I am trying my best but each day is so hard. I miss his kisses, holding hands and the times where we just sat enjoying each others company.

He was my soul mate for 28 years, my love, my rock and now I’m so lost - I don’t know how to be me without the we/us.

He wanted me to be strong but I’m broken.


so sorry for your loss I feel your pain Eventually happy memories will heal you