My hero

I lost my dad.
He taught me so much but not how to cope when he isn’t here.
He was my rock when my bother his only son died and kept me strong all the way though. He was sinot my inspiration and was so happy to be a grandpa.
My mum has Alzheimer’s so loosing her gradually too.
My father had terminal cancer but his strength saw me through nursing him and through an abusive relationship, a miscarriage and surgery to remove tumours afterwards.
I guess I miss his laugh, his hugs and his bacon sandwiches and a mug of tea every Saturday morning.


I related to your post as I too have lost a sibling previously, my sister. I lost my mum 3 months ago.

Your user name says it all but hopefully in the future we will remember how to smile again


I’m so sorry we share a similar story. I lost my dad in May 2017 then my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer 6 weeks later. I’m caring for her but losing her too. I also suffered a complicated miscarriage in 2016 so it just feels like life continues to buldoze me too.

I completely understand losing your rock and your hero I was daddy’s little girl always and just a few words from him always gave me strength. I now carry a hanky of his in my bag to mop up tears but also to give me strength and somehow squeezing it does help.

We are our wonderful daddy’s children though and they made us to be strong. I am sure both our dad’s would want us to keep putting one foot in front of the other now and keep it together for our mum’s. I’m here to chat if you think it will help.

Ann x

Thank you so much I too have a keepsake it helps me though the worst.
Biggest hugs and thank you so much for your kind words

A pleasure! This forum does seem to help me a little. There are so many kind people on here who unfortunately are part of this club nobody wanted to belong to but step by step we will keep going. Xx

Dear friend. I am writing to you while being in a train alone on my way to my dad’s funeral. I lost him today. I spoke to him last Friday while I was on bus returning home from work. His heart betrayed him. My mom has vascular dementia in a very advanced stage and stays in a care home. Up until recently he was my mom’s carer but since we had hisb70th birthday we pleaded him that her care was beyond his abilities. I 'll be haunted by our last chat. Laughs and giggles about our usual subjects politics and movies. Today I was skyping him as we had arranged from my office during my break. No answer. Then I received a call. And then I lost the earth beneath my feet. Right now I am numb, scared and immensely sad.both you and me will find our way out of this grief. Your dad saw the fighter that you are. We will miss them probably for the rest of our lives. But after a while the little things we lived with them will warm us up. Like that bacon sandwich and a mug of tea.

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