My house is no longer a home

I feel my house is no longer a home what was once a lovely warm bright cosy place has turned into a cold damp dark cell. I feel like a prisoners I can’t afford to move I’m stuck in hell. I just had to stop myself from smashing everything up I feel like I want to die I’m got nothing or no one


,hiya Misbrint the only place I feel is my home so sorry you don’t feel the same but it’s john Nd me so feel safe at home so sorry you don’t lv annie x x

I to only feel safe in my home,find it very difficult to leave it
get very anxious when I have to go out,I was always so confident when my husband was here,I feel like I’m a different person
Miss my husband so much

Take care

Christine x

I’m not confident at all know Christine but one place I feel safe is my home bought it 34years ago it’s were we lived and our children grew up so many happy memories you take care lv annie x x

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