My husband he finally appears to me in a dream. I can finally move forward

My husband died suddenly January 5, 2018 while on a business trip. He simply went to sleep and just didn’t wake up. Total devastation doesn’t even come close to describing how his death impacted me. At times, I could not find the strength to breathe. I felt lost, hurt, sad, lonely and afraid. But, during the entire time immediately after his death, while planning his memorial service and trying to figure out my next steps, I knew deep in my heart that he was with me. I felt his presence, I could hear his voice giving me advice or just telling what to do exactly at the times whatever was to be done, would get done. There were sooo many positive signs that I could not ignore.

The most significant sign was when I made a decision to move forward with the house we were going to build in January. I was so unsure of the move and if it was the right time or even the right thing to do. The night before I was to meet with the builder, I came across a very old song by Stevie Wonder called “I never dreamed you would leave in Summer”. The song was out in the 70s and I had NEVER heard of it before. But that night, I somehow came across it and I played it over and over because I loved the words.

The next day while meeting with the builder, they were playing music from a pandora station. Before I signed the paper I said “James, I wish you would give me a sign that this is the right thing to do. I’m not sure”. Immediately after I said those words, the Stevie Wonder song of “I never dreamed you would leave in summer” played. I lost my breath for a moment, then I cried like a baby for awhile because he let me know that he was right there with me and that I was making the right decision.

Last Sunday/Monday, I dreamt that I was walking and talking to a friend. When I finally took a look at the friend, I realized that it was my James, but a MUCH younger and handsome James. He was so very happy which made me happy.

We both ended up in seperate blue cars, riding down the highway. He was to the right of me and we both were talking to each other through the windows, laughing and having a really good time.

We came to a fork in the road and while he was bearing to the right, he looked at me and said “I have to go now, but you are going to be ok”. He waved to me with a baseball in his hand, smiled and continued on his journey.

I smiled at him, waved good-bye, but was not sad. I looked at the road ahead of me and was excited because in my spirit, I knew that there would be happiness ahead of me.

I’m determined to live a life of happiness, joy and peace. I thank God for the time I had with James and the memories we built together. I know that he is happy and I know he wants me to be happy. I now live in the house we would have built together, I am taking the dance classes that we were going to take together, I am planning to travel to Egypt this summer as we had planned to do and all the while, knowing that he is right here with me, protecting me, guiding me while helping mend the broken pieces of my heart.


I lost my mum suddenly in November 2016…I miss her terribly. I had a dream about her a few weeks ago. She was younger about 30 ish. My mum was 70 when she passed away. She Looked absolutely perfect and happy also really healthy looking. .I’m hoping that its a sign from my darling mum to let me know she’s happy and healthy now. I hope so . I wish I could dream of her again.

It is so nice to know we are not alone and that our soul mates are still with us. I remember not long after my husband had gone being totally unable to work out a maths problem, I had no idea how to do it and maths have never been a strong point, I just there, calculated in my hand and all at once I imputed the numbers and out came the answer, I know that was not me, I couldn’t know how to work it out. It’s happened again and again over the past few years and I now can feel that I am not alone. My only hope I am never left completely, he’s still helping nearly 4 years on. Like you I always say good morning and at night tell him all about my day. Life goes on and you will always miss him but knowing that you don’t feel on your own

ahh that is so lovely x i saw my geoff the night he died he collapsed and died two days b4 we were due back from holiday. when i got back to the hotel from the hospital i asked him to show me signs that he was ok and he appeared at me through the patio doors smiling and looking fresh and well. he also appeared in my sons dream the same night i believe to say goodbye as my son wasnt with us on holiday. i had visitations in my dreams too. i believe in all things spiritual and have felt him cuddling me in bed too xx we too were going to move house but i know that when the time is right my geoff will also give me the signs to move forwsrd and be happy. thank you for telling your story it has made me feel more at peace and optimistic xx

Hi all
I’m so jealous and I know that is a strange thing to say but I haven’t had a dream of my husband and if I close my eyes I can’t see him I so badly want to see him or dream of him but there has been nothing . I know it sounds crazy I just feel if I New he was ok I could feel more at peace we were together for over 30 years he was the love of my life .
Thinking of you all .

Lily, don’t worry about not being able to communicate with your husband, from what have heard from other people, things come in different ways. Our son, when he saw my cat for the first time just burst into tears because he said she was dad. I do know she was meant to be with me but that day I started to believe that anything was possible. Our son is the last person you would suspect of anything remotely to do with spiritual side of life and he said himself how surprised he was. My own feeling is that anything is possible which again before my husband went I would not have entertained. By the way our son works for a IT company so far remote from anything one could call real life. Time will tell but don’t worry he will be alright and just may be very busy doing other ‘stuff’. Take care.

Hi Mentor
My husband was very spiritual he used to be able to see his mum and sister who had passed years before and some places we went to he could see people he was like that all his life . Our middle son has had dreams of his dad and saw him the day we went to scattered George’s ashes . I was very close to my grander and after he died my husband told me my grander was looking out for me and he was with me I told George that I would be frightened if he let me see him and George said no he won’t let you see him because he knows it would frighten you so now I’m worried George won’t come to me because he thinks I would be frightened to see him god I hope this makes sense to you .

Yes it makes prefect sense but do you think you are trying to hard? We assume that our love ones can do just what they want but it may not be like that. Who knows what it’s like. Please don’t be dispondent, you now have to find your new life here without him and that’s takes a lot of doing. May be as you embark on your new road and things fall into place you will see him in other ways and that won’t be frightening. Grieving can become a full time occupation which is neither good or useful, so look to what the future holds and just may be when you are least expecting it, he will be there. What ever happens, you had such love for each other and no matter what happens nothing or anyone can take that away. Life takes funny turns which we have little or no control off.
Love and blessings, take care of yourself.

Hi Susie 123
I understand what you are saying and I will try and take your words with me through this journey I think I just couldn’t believe that with how much love I had for George and I know he had for me that he would in some way let me know he was still with me yes I probably have been trying to hard and as you say and it’s so true we don’t know what happens or what our loved ones has to do it is very true I have all the love we had for each other will never go away .
Thank you for your post it has been very helpful take care

WOW how beautiful powerful and it confirms what soul mates you both are to each other … i cried all the way through it … I’m sure he’s with you all the way as you find your new normal … I don’t even know you but very proud of you … I to have similar things happened not a lovely dream though(I wish ) but when ever i’m Struggling George Michael or Wham come on the radio could be coincidence but it makes me smile … keep going xx

Oh, it’s so good to know that we are not alone in believing that loved ones do stay around or keep coming back to help us when we need them. It is something that I may have thought as ‘way out’ but not these days.
I suppose it’s what we want to believe after our soul mates leave us but having witnessed it I do believe it’s true.
I also think that anything that gets us from day to day is well worth investing
/believeing in is worth a try. It help the good days and the bad days plus the some non days.

When my husband first passed, I was so anxious then frustrated that he did not appear to me the way I “wanted him to appear” to me. I wanted verifiable evidence that any signs that appeared were actually from him.

One day, while having a “conversation” with him, it came to my heart, mind and spirit that, number 1, I don’t get to make those types of calls/decisions as to when things should happen. God knew that at the time I was “demanding” a sign immediately after his death, I wasn’t ready emotionally to receive the signs, but they would come. I had to learn patient and to fully trust God.

So, I started listening to the voice in my heart and head. They were all instructions, information, guidance and wisdom and so far, I have not been lead wrong.

I am going to pass on a piece of wisdom that God provided to me during a walk after my husband died. When I walk, I listen for his voice, guidance. Here is the information that was given to me and I hope it blesses someone reading this.

While we are here on earth, we are given chances and opportunities to bless others by acts of kindness and for each act we give or share with others, God replenishes our “spiritual account” with favors. It came to my spirit that we should compare favor to “coins or blessings”. When someone passes, they may have a surplus of “favor coins” that they did not get a chance to “spend” that they can pass on to their love ones. In other words, we can inherit that surplus of favors/blessings that was left over by our loved ones.

One of the things that shocked me was the amount of unexpected favors and blessings I received after James died and I am still receiving. Unexpected acts of kindness from people that I had not had any communications with in YEARS. And they all said basically the same thing which was “it was pressed on my heart that I needed to bless you”.

I say all of that to ask you all to look beyond the loss and take time to recognize the little unexpected gifts our words of wisdom you have received and be thankful to God and your loved one that they love you enough to always watch out for you.


Do you still feel him with you as I feel Jeff all the time day and night

You know, my husband wasn’t a “touchy/feely” type of person, but there have been times when I would get this intense “electrical burst” throughout my body, many of the times when I would be feeling very sad. I would like to think that is him giving me a hug. I also hear him in my head, giving me instructions… in other words, being bossy the way he always was.

Now, there have been incidents that makes me feel he is still the jokester trying to make me laugh… like waiting until I leave a room and come back to find the tv off…and I know that I did not turn it off. This has happened several times. Finally, last week, I yelled “James, if that is you, cut it out”. :slight_smile: