My husband is dying of brain mets

Hi im 43 years old 10 weeks ago my husband was diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer and its spread to his brain, yesterday he had his driver put in and the pain in my heart feels like its been ripped out. I’ve sat up all night holding his hand I just can’t understand how this cruel world we live in works. I can’t see how this pain will ever go away and why we deserve this.


You don’t deserve it - not at all. I have realised that the older I get, the less I understand about life. My husband was a wonderful father, yet his children have to suffer - why? He was a wonderful son, yet his death has led to his mother being really ill and will probably never recover - why? Why should you and your soulmate suffer? You shouldn’t. Each day is so, so hard. My heart goes out to you.


Just to let you know that it is an oddly shared experience!!! My Sammy passed away 3 months ago from an 8yr scrap with cancer. She contracted sepsis and we didn’t leave her side for 10 days. Not sleeping, or eating properly.
Unfortunately I have no words of comfort, I would never disrespect you and tell you its going to be fine. Unless Jesus himself is popping in during visiting we all know the outcome. To watch the person you absolutely adore slowly fade away before your eyes is indescribable to explain. My Sammy lost so much weight at the end it was heart breaking. So the doctor rings me at 7.30 in the morning and processed to prattle on about treatment, it was like listening to someone when your under water. And oh sorry Mr S. But you do know she’s dying… What! Nnnaaaaa can’t be, are you sure you’ve rang the right person here. We’ve got to see our newly hatched grandson yet!!!
Just a small crumb of relief will be when you feel able we are all here for you, because we’re all lost on here…
Hugs and prayers for you and your family x

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No one deserves this. This is just a crazy world where good deeds won’t be rewarded. It is hopeless.
I understand your agony. You’re right to be angry. Who won’t?
sending hugs…


Hi everyone thanyou for your lovely messages, Steve passed away Sunday evening, very peacefully in my arms.
He was a true gentleman, very brave and I’m so releaved hes now at peace and on no pain.
I really don’t know how the road ahead is going to be but this is torture already but I know he loved me and we had the best 16 fun loving years together x x


Blessings and prayers to you, in the darkness we find ourselves just know there is understanding and compassion on here for you