My husband

My husband passed away 6wks ago very suddenly. I have 2 adult kids , a 25 Yr old & a 19 Yr old. I’m struggling so much ,my heart aches so much and I’m so worried its going to stop.


Dear Lisa53 I’m so sorry to hear your sad story. I do hope you are surrounded by friends who offer some help. Its a black tunnel we all have to go through and no one really understands that the loss of a partner is a complete change of life. It’s a total shock to the individual’s system, apart from the grief. Your children are grieving too. I’m sure you are struggling to support them. You have to keep going.
Love and good prayers to you.

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I am so sorry that you find the need for this site like the rest of us. My husband collapsed and died suddenly 6 months ago. My kids were 23 and 19 at the time. My heart still physically hurts now - it feels like there is a rock there instead of a heart. You just need to take one breath at a time for now and eventually you will be able to take one day at a time. You can sign up for counselling here or with Cruse. Also, check out refuge in as it’s written by someone who lost her partner suddenly. Keep posting here - people will understand and support you. Take care


Bobmajor thankyou so much for replying.
We have lots of family & friends around us which I don’t know what I would of done without them. No one knows the hurt inside that your feeling and the one thing no one can do is bring my beautiful husband back.:disappointed_relieved: . I wish I could take the pain from my son & daughter, I feel like my head & body is going to explode, I have that many emotions. Thankyou for listening :broken_heart:


Thankyou for your message & sorry to hear about your husband. Your kids are similar ages to mine. We are truly devastated & still in shock. I try to be strong for them but my heart aches & my body feels so numb. I’ve already enquired about bereavement counciling, thankyou.

You may find that each of you is trying to protect the others by not talking about things. My kids are reacting in different ways at different times. I have a daughter and a son as well and they handle it very differently. My son was also with me when we went to find him so he had the added trauma of what happened that night. It is so hard because he would have talked to his dad about something as hard to cope with as this but he can’t. Take care