My husband

2 months today my husband passed away. His terminal diagnosis was a total shock to us. We had plans for when we retired we felt robbed off, seeing his kids settle, all that stuff. I know no day is a given but generally I think we think it is. We were together 41 years and I can’t begin to imagine a future without him by my side. I can’t talk about him without being a total mess so I do brave face all the time. I’ve even seen people when out walking dogs I’ve not seen for a while and they ask how the family is and I say yes all fine because I can’t bear to tell them he’s gone. Kids trying to be strong for me, me being strong for them but we really can’t process he’s gone. It’s so awful the pain


I’m so sorry that you have had to join this forum and that your husband has died. Life can be so cruel.
2 months is such a raw and lonely place. The mind replaying everything, the what ifs, the why, the loss of the future. The dark thoughts. It’s crap!

In time it gets all less consuming, you get lighter days and the pain lessons and dulls in it’s intensity. Life goes on as the world won’t stop till we are ready. You’ll get swept along every day.

I’m 6 months today and life is easier a majority of the time and that raw intense pain has gone.

Take all the help and support that’s offered. Take it slow, day by day or hour by hour.

Take care


It’s also 2 months since my husband died. I just feel numb. I get up, wash and dress with the help of my carers and then face another endless day before going to bed and hoping to sleep. I look forward to the occasional day when I don’t cry most of the day but this forum has helped. It is difficult to believe we will never see them again.


At least it seems from your post it will get better at 6 months. It is quite scary that some people in this forum still seem to be suffering intensely after years


@Ali29 thank you for your time responding
It’s so surreal and as you say not a forum anyone wants to join. Comments to support are so helpful- that whole I’m not the only one feeling. X

@Pudding its so hideous isn’t it. All your life with your soulmate and then left. I met my hubby at 15 and knew I’d got so lucky. I struggle not only with him gone but the way cancer utterly savaged him breaks my heart seeing him go through what he did and still putting us first. Stay strong lovely @Ali29 had given us a glimpse of 6 month marker. We won’t ever stop loving them we wouldn’t want to but hopefully we can deal with each day better x


@Poppy121, so very sorry to hear that your dear husband passed away two months ago. I lost my husband nearly seven months ago from evil cancer. He had been suffering with it for quite a long time but the last five months were devastating. To see what it did to his once fit and strong body will haunt me the rest of my life. He never complained and was always concerned about me. I am still having very bad days, and feel a different person with no confidence.
Sending hugs x


Oh this response is so you!!. Not really into spirits. I wish I was.

Thankyou for your wise words even though you are suffering it is a comfort to know i am not the only one.