My husband

Feel im at breaking point and not sure how to get through each day and i have my son who is autistic and is struggling with the loss of his 2nd dad and we have lost so many people :broken_heart: but the pain of my husband dieing is the worst :broken_heart: i spoke on the phone to him while he was in hospital. So it was 8.08 Sunday 2nd June and then he text me at 8.34 then a phone call at 9.38 to say he had cardiac arrested and they worked on him for 31 minutes but i felt it in my heart. That he was gone. Part of my heart died that day and I’m trying to support my son who is having health anxiety and is in a bad place :broken_heart:

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Everything will be so raw and painful still. It’s hardly been any time since he passed - dont expect anything of yourself except to try and get to the end of the day.
Is there anyone who can support you and your son and maybe also give you some time on your own to grieve.
This grief is a bit of a marathon I’m afraid. But we are all here running alongside you so do keep posting here and getting your feelings out. It’s good to share. And helps me to not feel so alone.
I think it gets better at some point - just have to hold on in there until there is a little bit light at the end I of the tunnel

Sending love and strength for you today xx

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Yes, it’s tough. Dealing with your own heartbreak is difficult enough. My husband died on 25th May after a cardiac arrest. He was in hospital for three weeks but never regained consciousness. I had to do CPR for 15 minutes until help arrived. I really thought he would pull through, but it wasn’t to be.
My daughter is also autistic and has a learning difficulty and is finding losing him very confusing and it has had an impact on her challenging behaviour. My husband was the second daddy she lost, my first husband died 20 years ago. I didn’t expect to suffer the same tragedy twice.
I hope you find support here, I certainly do.
Hugs xx


Judy could you ask the National Autistic Society if they have any help for coping with bereavement? Must be so hard for you trying to cope with both your loss and yours sons.
5 weeks for me and I’m finding it harder not easier,