My Husbands Ashes

It has been 11 Months since I lost my Husband and I still have his ashes at home with me. I still grieve for him everydat and I still have bad days and I am still struggling everyday living life and moving forward.
My husbands Son and Daughter have pushed to have my Stewart their Dad laid to rest, I can understand that as they are hurting too and they want a grave to visit where they can have some lone time with him.
I have since agreed to do this, maybe the time is right? I dont know! I have bought a silver heart and it will hold a small portion of his ashes. I am having some of his ashes transferred today to the heart so I will still have him at home with me. I have not told his children this as it may cause conflict.
I have agreed to their peer pressure, so do I tell them now or do I wait till I have gone and tell them and instuct them to put his small portion of his ashes with mine in a letter. I have bought a plot for us both x


I would wait til you’ve passed, then tell them to bury the locket in the plot with your ashes. No need to rock the boat at the moment. And the locket will be your private keepsake.


I agree with @SadGirlfriend - while they are yours and his children, they haven’t walked the same path you have together in life.

Just as you have memories and a life they were not part of, you are entitled to hold on to a piece of him they are not part of or privy to


Thank you, that means a lot x