My husbands birthday

Today my beautiful soulmate , best friend and husband of 36 years should be celebrating his birthday…sadly he passed away on May 4th so will remain forever 60.
There have been so many tears since he passed but I truly wasn’t prepared for the tidal wave of emotions that hit me today.
I miss him so much. I went out with my daughter and watching all the people dashing around going about their business I was struck by how futile life is…we strive for material possessions and don’t take the time to savour the moment and the memories…until they are gone and we can’t make anymore. I know you will understand
Sending hugs to you all xx


@cmc i know what you mean, I went to pub yesterday to meet with friends and all around me, people were just going about their daily conversations etc, it was like I was in a grief bubble. I had a proper meltdown but went home. I’m safe with my emotions here.

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@cmc Sorry for your loss. You sum up how I feel very well. I am constantly questioning what is life all about now? All the things you achieve, acquire, who cares when you are gone? Futile sums it up well.