My janette

Hi I’m finding hard to go out my wife passed away in October I’m back in work but I couldn’t face going out with the lads on there Xmas drinks night plus my wife’s close friend had 50th birthday party and I couldn’t face that .I just need my wife back with me


Im so sorry for your loss, and I know how you feel as after nearly eight months I still avoid some situations which I know will be too painful without him. It’s early days for you and you will be missing your wife terribly so try not to be hard on yourself. I hope people are being understanding and supportive of your need to decline social invitations or events. You’re doing amazingly well to be back at work and I hope your time there gives you some respite from the worst of the pain. Thinking of you, and all who are on this very sad journey xx


Thanks things tough Christmas dark nights my wife was only 55 to be honest I be lost without my little dog


Thanks so much every days hard


So good that you have your little dog for company and some comfort. The lead up to Christmas is very hard. Do you have any close relatives or friends who can support you through the holiday season? I told my daughter that I’d rather stay in bed and ignore Christmas Day altogether, but we’ve since reached a compromise and we’re going on a Christmas picnic instead. I’m in Australia and it’s summer so it should be quite nice for a few hours and completely different from our usual big family get-together.

Are there any community groups in your area that you could reach out to over the festive season if you’re on your own? I know our local groups put on a free Christmas dinner on the 25th which is well attended.

I really hope today has had some better moments for you :pray:

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So sorry for your loss.
It is very early days, try not to worry about going out and socializing, that will come in time.
I lost my wife in January, so coming up on a year. Marie was 56 and we had been together since we were both 15. I can’t really remember life before her and now getting used to life after her.

I have found, as the year has gone on that I can start to do things I couldn’t have done in the first month or three.


Hi I’m sure your right things will get better but this moment in time doesn’t feel like will ever get better I talk to my wife most day in my head and tonight not great even dogs gone bed early left me

Yeah I talk with Marie everyday, not sure I will ever not talk each day, even if it is just to say “night honey”
My chats have moved on though, less panicked and tortured and now more conversational (mostly).
In the first month or two I could do nothing but apologise to her for not being able to protect her from cancer. So strange, it wasn’t my fault but I felt guilty.

The chats I have now are more a comfort than a stress, hopefully it may go that way for you too.