My journey

Hello all,
It has been 7 months since my daughter died. I have been determined to do something to celebrate her life and give me a focus.
I am volunteering for the Seekers Trust, based in Addington, Kent.
The group provide spiritual healing and have beautiful grounds and woodlands.
I have been success in getting 300 trees to plant a new area of woodland and l am applying for other grants so people who have lost someone, the lonely, excluded and the elderly can enjoy the grounds and woods and the spiritual peace that the place offers.
I have become much more in touch with my spiritual self and that is helping me with my grief.
Also the fact that l will be helping others is a very special feeling. I know that Laura would want me to carry on and l can hear her saying " you go girl "


So very sorry for your sad loss.
What a wonderful thing you are doing to celebrate your daughter’s life. Woodlands are so important and will indeed be a spiritual, healing place.
Laura would be immensely proud of you. What you are doing is fantastic. Well done you!

Thank you Janey.
How are you coping with your loss?

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I’m coping ok with lots and lots of help from my fantastic family & friends thank you. I like this forum too

Yes, it is a very uplifting site . People really care and look after each other. I am so happy you have people who support you that is so important.
Laura’s friends have surrounded me with a circle of love so l am blessed.
If you ever want to message me please do. Jackie.x

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Thank you so much Jackie xx

What you doing is special for your beautiful daughter lv annie. X

Thank you Annie,
I have commissioned a chainsaw wood carving artist to make a 5ft angel statue to be put in the Seekers Trust garden in memory of my daughter.

I hope that you are finding peace.
Love jackiex

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That’s beautiful. Sweetheart lv ya x x

You have given me something to think of . I lost my beautiful Laura in July. We had some wonderful times together we traveled the world she was a ballerina. I’d like to just give up . she’d say you go girl. That’s my mum . So thank you for the the inspiration you’ve given me . After Xmas I will have a goal. Love to you & yours xx

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Hello Maggie,
So sad for the loss of your beautiful talented daughter. I travelled around the world with my Laura too. At least in their short lives our daughters experienced the culture and beauty of other countries.

It’s early days for us both. I lost Laura in April this year. You will have good and bad days. This is the nature of grief and the love that you felt for Laura.

If you ever want to send a message, have a question or anything. I will be there for you.

So pleased l have inspired you.
Love to you and yours

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My other children are doing a tribute page for Laura on the Roy Castle site . She had plans doing a charity tapathon this year. Xx

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I will look for it. You are so blessed having other children. My son has said that l neglected him because of Laura’s mental health needs and does not talk to me.x