My late mum's passing away

My mum unfortunately passed away on the 3rd March 2020 after she suffered from a massive stroke and never regained consciousness. Luckily I was near by when it happened as both of my parents live over 3.5 hours drive away from me.
As it is getting closer to the anniversary I am really really feeling low. At least we managed to have her funeral but not been able to go back upto my dad’s since due to the lockdowns and unable to bring her ashes back so that they can be laid to rest with her own mum. It was her wishes.

Hi Stev065, I am sad for both you and your father. These a very hard times but hopefully it wont be to long before you can visit your dad. Anniversaries are difficult times and you are bound to feel low, I do hope you can speak to your dad on the 3rd, he will also be feeling it and must likely reliving the whole day. I think must of us do and for the first year it will be hard not to revisit. If you can find things to do which you know your mum would have like is does soften the edges. My thoughts and blessings go out to both you and your dad. Take care and hopefully you will be able to visit shortly.

Thanks for your very kind reply. I will be speaking to my dad and I have done ever since.
Also at the moment I am suffering massively due to the pain in my right knee due to osteoarthritis, awaiting to hear from the consultant after I had an MRI scan done 6 weeks ago. Also got to have a colonoscopy examination done on this Tuesday. It is due to the painkillers I was taking.
Now just sat at home with my feet up not allowed out as I had a home visit yesterday for a corona virus swab test, BE phoning my dad up later today

Hi, I do hope your covid test is negative, you seem to have enough on without the virus. It’s no wonder that you feel sad, under normal life conditions you have a right to feel down but having aches and pains is never good and with the anniversary you are bound to feel bad. I have a bad knee and do excises to help but can see the day I will have to consult my GP. Hope things work out ok and you don’t get anything else. We all know that grieving impacts on our health, so please be extra careful. Sxx

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