My late mum's passing away

When I was in my local hospital last week for my colonoscopy examination done under a general anaesthetic. All I kept thinking about was my late mum.
When I came round from the anaesthetic I was vomiting quite a lot and eventually got told that I suffered from Aspiration Pneumonia 2ndary to vomiting during Endoscopy and my oxygen level dropped and I was placed on oxygen.
I just kept on breaking down in tears thinking of my mum. I was eventually admitted to the ward and again kept breaking down. The next day I was given a catheter and again lots more antibiotics by IV drip and blood tests.
I was discharged late that day and just trying to get through it all. Got to wait for the results which is anything upto 2 months. I just want to speak to her all the time still, it is just over a year ago when I lost her.

Hi Steve,

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience with your colonoscopy. Those tests are never easy, and for you being in hospital must also have brought back memories of when your mum died.
Two months is a long time to wait for results. I hope for you that you will get them sooner and that nothing serious will be found, just something that can easily be treated.
In times like that, no matter what our age, we do miss our parents because they would be the ones we turn to, so I can totally understand how much you miss your mum at this time.