My late mum's passing away

It is 2 years today since I lost my mum after she suffered from a massive stroke and never regained consciousness. Visited her shared grave today as she is interned with her mum.
Placed a bunch of flowers for both of them and just stood by the headstone and leaned on it and said a few words before breaking down in tears.
I am still missing her massively and just wish she was still here it doesn’t seem fair.


Steve sorry for your loss it doesn’t matter if its 2 months or 2 years it never gets any easier. I to visited my husbands grave and just broke down it seems so unfair that we are left on our own I’m 59 and my lifes over. Being on our own is so lonely and all my friends just get on with there lives and don’t think I might need support my husband died last August and I still feel so devastated and depressed hope you can find some peace of mind soon mate. X

Steve, that’s lovely what you posted. I know many of us just sit or stand and cry at those special places including me. We miss our special people so much and the pain doesn’t go away totally. Sending blessings. S xx

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