My little nan

My little nan was the best nan you could ever wish for. She gave my family money, had our bingo nights, always popped round our house for a cup of tea. I wish i could see all those things again. She brang our family together but now shes gone and we have fallen apart. I saw her two days before she passed. She was heartbroken from her husbands death, about 70 years of marriage (not 100% sure). I could tell she was going to pass. She was throwing up everyday, she did not speak she was silent. I never got to see her smile one last time. But obviously she was gone. All my nans are dying it isnt fair. My little nan said i could have her little yellow polo car but my stuck up grandad sold it for the money. He also sold the house and i have to drive past it every single day seeing new people living it. It makes me so angry and sad but if course i have to deal with it i just want this to be over

Hi Rhja I’m so sorry to hear about your lovely Nan, she sounds as if she was a truly lovely, caring person, grandparents are so important in our lives and we miss them so much when they have gone, try and remember the good times you spent together, it will get easier as time goes by, but you will never stop loving and missing them, sending love Jude xx

I am so sorry for your loss, Nanas are so special they really are. Your Nana sounds like a really lovely person. I completely understand where you are coming from as you kindly replied to my topic. I understand the pain of seeing the house, my Nana only lived around the corner and I can’t even bring myself to look or walk past. In my heart that will always be my Nanas home, but I think in her heart she would want whoever is there now to be happy and to make memories in the house she called home. Show yourself every patience and kindness you would show another at a time like this, there are alot of difficult emotions and changes for you to deal with and I know how overwhelming that can be, think of all the good times you shared with your little Nan, she knows how much you love her and I truly hope you feel better soon. X