My loss of my soulmate

I miss my Lizzy so much everyday is a struggle since she passed away in 2021 I’m still here trying my best to comprehend life on my own but nothing is working without her but still I have the love and memories of her in my heart we were 10 yrs old when we first met and now I’m still here walking down the road of life all alone wish I could find some peace of mind and a logical reason why she had to go I’m so grateful to have known her in life but without her life just seems so worthless when you’re all alone


I’m sorry that you are still struggling. That’s a long time together and that is going to be so hard. Finding this forum could be a great help. At least we understand how you feel and can offer you support.

Nothing brings them back, nothing stops the pain but we do know how you feel.


It’s hard I think we all think why and why mine

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I also lost my husband in 2021 suddenly in his sleep with no warning. He hadn’t been ill so it was completely out if the blue in fact we had been out for a family meal that night.
I cannot get over that horrific night, trying to bring him back with CPR until the ambulance arrived. It’s been two years now I feel just as bad as the day it happened. I have lost my appetite completely this also happened last year. I feel like what is the point without him. I have three sons. They have been great but they have their own lives to lead and so I don’t burden them with my problems. I have a very good doctor’s surgery and they put the way I feel down to depression. Will this feeling ever end and people say time heals I can’t believe this is so.