My love

Tracy5 thankyou I will do my best for her I just hope none of them judge us because we were a lesbian couple

If they judge you you dont need them

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Tracy5 that is so true I’m there for pauline and thats all that matters to me

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And all that matters to pauline x I’m here and I dont care if you rgreen , blue , brown white , short tall ,

Oh Casey
Please don’t let that thought bother you. One of my daughters is gay and she has done me proud with a lovely partner and a beautiful intelligent grand daughter. We live in a different society now from when I was young but I learned to accept people as they are and I am sure no one will judge you.
I hope the funeral goes OK and I am sure you will do Pauline proud.

Angiejo1 thankyou her brother who is coming has not spoken to her in all the years we were together he didn’t like it and told her I wasn’t good enough for her I love her so much and always will she was and always will be the only one for me

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Aw that is lovely Casey. Love is love and that is that. Please remember that the anticipation is always worse than the event. The funeral will go smooth and you can cry all you want. I will be thinking of you. Good luck and do try to sleep a little now. Xx

And her brother will be the one who will feel bad. What a hypocrite. How can he show his face when he has never spoken to her for so long,? People are so hard to understand sometimes. Xx

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Angiejo1 thanks I can’t sleep I overslept today and I’m scared of oversleeping and missing it plus I have to feed our babies and get cara out before I haven’t slept a lot since pauline passed

You didnt oversleep x your body obviously needed to rest x never blame yourself through any of this x

You need to go rest know x you dont have to sleep just lye there quietly x switch all technology off x we,ll be here tomorrow to chat about Pauline for as long as you need us xxx

@Tracy5 thankyou my niece is calling me at 630 to make sure I’m up but honestly I’m just gonna stay up

Just lie down and rest x you dont have to sleep but be comfortable x I’m always here xx

@Tracy5 I can’t I’m scared I will fall asleep because I am tired I will be ok I can sleep tomorrow

I’m so sorry but I’ve got to go now x I dont want to leave you xx but I have trouble getting Caleb school cause he doesn’t like to get up and not see his dad ride off to work xxx please text tomorrow xx

@Tracy5 no worries go get some sleep or you will be shattered and I will message tomorrow take care

Take care x you are stronger than you think xxx

@Tracy5 thankyou

@Casey1 I hope Pauline’s funeral went as well as can be expected. I hope you are as okay as you can be today. I found the day after the funeral really hard. I have read that others have too. Please just try and rest, even if you can’t sleep. I saw your comment about being a lesbian couple. I had already realised that. It doesn’t and shouldn’t matter. You loved each other, you were a couple and you had a special life together. You are hurting as much as anyone else that has lost their loved one. Stand tall and be proud. You have known true love. Sending you hugs. X

@Wong thankyou paulines funeral went well I was a blubbering wreck I couldn’t stop the tears her family said that I couldn’t have done a better job and that I did her proud all I kept on thinking as I looked at her coffin was my darling is in there and I just want to be with her I blessed her coffin with holy water put my hand to my lips and then placed my hand on her coffin to give her kiss told her I love her and always will then said until we meet again babe today has been tough I was focused on the funeral before but now its done I got up today and thought what do I do now I’m so lost without her but I will keep going for her and our babies until my time comes I hope you are doing ok and anytime you want to chat I’m always around

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