My love

My love for you is eternal You light up my life you brought joy and happiness into my world You filled my heart with love and now you’re in heaven above And I have lost my sweet love you are my heart my soul my soulmate my forever love my best friend my reason for being and withoutyou I’m so empty lost and broken and withoutyou I just want to curl up and die but I know you would want me to go on but the road ahead is so scary withoutyou by my side you made me strong you made me believe in myself you made me a better woman all that I am I owe to you you gave me more love than I have ever known you were my present and my future my hopes and my dreams all include you and withoutyou they are shattered I so want to do you proud but I’m half the person I was all I feel is the pain of your loss every second of everyday I miss you more than I have ever missed anyone I long for you I need to hold you and be held by you how do I do this baby because I don’t know how to I swear I’m trying but I feel like I’m failing and failing you my heart is broken and there is no fixing it I will love you all my life and I promise in my heart you are my wife and my life and always will be the day I die will be the happiest day of my life because I will be with you again and God willing it won’t be to long away I love you pauline my heart is yours forever

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God bless Casey. I hope you have a better day tomorrow. When the sheer agony hits, boy does it hurt! Thinking of you. Xx

@Angiejo2 thankyou angiejo x

Hi Casey ,
I’m so sorry to hear you are struggling so much . Same for me as I lost my mum three months ago . Some days I think I might be getting somewhere and then it’s back with a vengeance , I cried so much last night it’s a wonder I didn’t drown in the tears. Sending you strength and love . Take care of yourself.
Angie x

@Angie4 hi angie I am so very sorry for the loss of your mum and thankyou and I’m sorry you are struggling its so hard isn’t it sending you strength hugs and love take care angie x

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Hi Casey ,
It is so hard but somehow we battle on . Thank you for your kind words.
Love Angie x

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