My mam

I lost my mum in January to cancer I look after her at home with the help of all my family but I was her main career. Am finding it hard over the last few weeks because I keep having flash back of the last few hours of when she was passing. I moved in when my mam was sick so now it’s just me and my dad but he doesn’t talk about my mam do I find it hard to tell what am going through

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Hi @Angie73.
Sorry you find yourself on this lonesome road that none of us want to be on.
We all have our own way of dealing with grief.
Some of us want to talk about the person we’ve lost and how we feel, and some of us would rather not as it reduces us to a sobbing mess.
Maybe your Dad belongs in the latter camp and that’s why he doesn’t talk about your Mam?
You can tell us about her and how you feel.
There’s always someone here listening so you’re not alone, and we’re all here because we know what it’s like.