My Memory Library (Poen by Sarah B. Blackstone)

Imagine if I was given one moment, just a single slice of my past
I could hold it close forever, and that moment would always last.

I’d put the moment in a safe, within my heart’s abode
I could open it when I wanted, and only I would know the code.

I could choose a time of laughing, a time of happiness and fun
I could choose a time that tried me through everything I’ve done.

I sat and thought about what moment would always make me smile
One that would always push me to walk that extra mile.

If I’m feeling sad and low, if I’m struggling with what to do
I can go and open my little safe and watch my moment through.

There are moments I can think of that would lift my spirits every time
The moments when you picked me up, when the road was hard to climb.

For me to only pick one moment to cherish, save and keep
Is proving really difficult, as I’ve gathered up a heap!

I’ve dug deep inside my heart, found the safe and looked inside
There was room for lots of moments; in fact, hundreds if I tried.

I’m building my own little library, embedded in my heart,
For all the moments spent with you before you had to part.

I can open it up whenever I like, pick a moment and watch it through
My little library acts as a promise I’ll never ever forget you.


Sad2, I love your poems. Yes they bring up memories and tears but they are just so right. Many thanks and keep writing. Sxx

Thank you Susie123. Got a few more to share, and they do make me cry.

They say crying is good, I think I have now run out of tears. Sxx

It’s 13 weeks today that I lost Alan, and I’m crying more. I thought it would get easier with time but it isn’t. x

It does because we learn to live with it. I am further down the road and do go without crying but I shall never get used to not having here with me. You will feel better and there will be days that you just get on with life, those days feel proud of yourself. 13 weeks is still early so take each day one by one and then you will think ‘yes’ I can deal with this new horrible life, we really don’t have a choice. Take care of yourself. Sxx

Hello Lonely
You were so lucky to have spent 47 years with the love of your life, and I do feel for you and for your great loss. You are going through much more heartache and pain than I could imagine.
I was only with Alan 10 years and that was nowhere long enough, I miss him more everyday, it’s only getting worse and just can’t stop crying. He is in my every thought day and night.
At night, I cuddle up to a little bear I bought for Alan, I talk to him and stroke his head as though I am really stroking Alan’s head. I feel daft to admit that, but it does give me some comfort inbetween the tears. I have his photos either side of the bed so I can see him as I try to sleep.
Life is so unfair.


It’s over 2 years for me now and yes, you do get used to coping with your loss but some days the tears still come without warning. At quiet times, often first thing in the morning or last thing at night or during the night.

And I realise this is just how it will be because after all, I lost the love of my life and it would only be having him back that could make me feel better. But some people aren’t lucky enough to find that special person and for that we will always be thankful.