My mind is just blank

Came home took off my jacket and went into the kitchen to put the kettle on for a hot drink, on the worktop was a mug full of coffee stone cold and untouched. I truly don’t remember making it, I know it’s a small thing but it scared me , I thought I was beginning to cope with day to day things - running on auto pilot for the most part.
I know I am just in a fog and have started writing down things i have to do just to remind myself, but seeing that mug of coffee rocked me to the core.
I feel I am right back at square one.

Hi, all I can say is you have joined the club. It could be grieving but it could also just be a silly ageing thing. Which ever place stop beating yourself up, we all do these things. Take a deep breath and wash the cup. Is this white rose against red rose? Say safe S xx

Hi Web, your loss is so very recent, please believe me that this is absolutely normal, don’t let it scare you please.
It’s 13 months since I lost my lovely husband after 40 years together and I still have total memory blackouts.
Like you say, it’s a “fog”. I cope ok much of the time, as we have to, but sometimes I feel like I’m doing things on the one level but my mind is elsewhere, so little blips like this will happen.
Take care of yourself, we’re in another life completely without them aren’t we? But I totally understand how you feel even though I’m 12 months on from you time-wise.
Janey xx

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Thank you for your support, I think this grief just creeps up on you . The girls have been great but I didn’t want to tell them about this so it’s wonderful to have this site to get it off your chest and know you won’t be judged to harshly.
Take care of yourself, and thanks again for your support
Susan x.

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Agree with what others have said. Our minds are so busy processing our loss it’s normal it’s going to struggle with other things. I sometimes struggle to remember what I’ve done or where I have been on certain days. It all seems like a blur. I have to write everything down so I remember where I have to go when.
Take care xx

Agree with all that has been said at first I thought It was just me but after reading what other people have said realise I’m not alone,I have to write everything down,I was never a poorly person before my husband passed away now my body always feels in turmoil awful anxiety

Take care

Christine x