My mother

Lost my mother 3 weeks ago she was 83 years old but very alert im lost wothout her cant eat or sleep its very hard …iv had het life x


Hi Shona

I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your mum. I lost mine a year ago and it’s so hard.
But please know that you are not alone and when ever you need a chat we are here. :heart:

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@Shona66 sorry for the grief that brings you to this forum. Loss of your Mum is a huge devastation so be kind to yourself. Try to gradually find a simple routine for each day that involves self care. Eating, resting and getting fresh air will help you to be physically stronger. You will need this as grief is exhausting. Read through posts on here so that you know that you aren’t alone. Everyone here is trying their best to adapt to great loss and manage grief. I’m still on my journey after losing my Mum nearly a year ago, so I’m know how hard it can be. Take care, best wishes xx

Lost my mum 5 weeks ago, she had cancer and her final days were devastating. Ive been up and down emotionally which i think is normal with grief. Some days i dont know how im feeling, most days just numb and it all feel sureal. I dont eat, sleep, cant concentrate or go out and am on the sick from work. These are still very early days for us both but reading messages on here i find is helping me understand why im feeling this way, so many messages resonate the same feelings and experiences. Keep messaging and writing down how you feel, it is helping me. I hope it helps you to, your not alone. Big hugs❤️


I understand completely I feel the same after losing my mum on new year’s day. The pain is both physical and emotional and nothing I’ve ever experienced before. I think I had a panic attack the other day so the Dr has prescribed something for me. That in itself is alien to me as I’ve never taken any meds before. I feel so out of control, I’m not sleeping because I’m more aware too of my tinnitus which is also driving me crazy. It’s nice to be reassured from everyone on here that this is all normal and I’m not going mad! :heart:

@Titch7674 You’re not going mad at all. I’m about to ask the doctor for meds as I’m anxious all the time and lost my confidence. I just want to lay in bed all day an cry. I’ve never had meds before but I need to steady myself.

I lost mum 9 weeks ago and Dad this Friday. Both were sudden.

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@Shona66 I’m so sorry for your loss. My mum passed from cancer 9 weeks ago. I have no real tips - take it day by day. Find people to talk to.

I lost my dad on Friday as well. I’m finding this site helpful to know I’m not going mad. Take care and keep posting.