My mother

I still canf cope with ny mum passing away and i feel im going down the wrong path

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I’m very sorry to hear you lost your mum.
I lost my mum over 7 years ago and in the first year or so I struggled to cope. I’m coping much better now. You will find a way to cope in time. Just look after yourself be kind to yourself take time to grief when you feel ready. Take care x

Hi. I understand that it is difficult for you. My mum passed a few weeks ago now, just after Christmas. I am struggling to cope some times and am ok at others. I feel numb and exhausted. My Mum was a fighter right until the end she did not want to give up. I think of her strength when I’m feeling really low. We are here to listen and support in this group. I try to think what my Mum would do in different situations and what she would advise. Sending support and understanding x

Hi I always think about what my mum would say to me she was always a tower of strength even In a crisis. She’d kick my backside and tell me to dust myself of. I’d only I could hear her voice right now. I’d give anything